Board Authorizes Capital Credit Retirement Totaling $2,416,000

As a cooperative, we are operated on a not-for-profit basis. After all expenses are paid for the year, any money left over is allocated back to you as capital credits, in proportion to the amount of energy you used. Those allocations become member equity, or your share of ownership in the cooperative. The money is used to operate and build your cooperative, and then returned to you through a refund at a later date.

Manager's Message: Co-op Membership Highlighted in May

In May, several cooperative principles are highlighted at HomeWorks Tri-County Electric.

To start with, your board of directors authorized a $2.4 million capital credit refund, and nearly every active member will receive a bill credit or check with your share of this refund. Read more about capital credits, and why they’re important to cooperative owners, at principle #3 - members’ economic participation)

Mark your calendars: district member meetings set for May 11-20

Our 2015 district membership meeting dates have been set:

May 11 - District 5          Fulton Elementary Gym

May 12 - District 1          St. Mary’s Church, Charlotte

May 13 - District 7          St. Michael’s School, Remus

May 14 - District 3          Eagle Park Hall (election)

May 18 - District 4          Vestaburg Middle School

Manager's Message: Survey Tells Us How We Measure Up

Last fall, an independent company surveyed 300 HomeWorks Tri-County Electric members to help us learn more about your expectations, and how we’re doing at meeting them.

Our first report, in last month’s issue of Country Lines, covered the top “satisfaction drivers,” such as courteous and knowledgeable employees, quality customer service, and reliable electric service, all of which scored 90% or higher.

Manager's Message: Prepaid electricity adds value

by Tom Manting, Chief Information Officer

At HomeWorks, we try to blend old-fashioned service with new technology to add greater value. Some recent examples are our automated metering program, combined with SmartHub, the app and online service that gives members control of their energy information.

There’s also been our online outage map, and a variety of bill payment options that take advantage of technology.

Members invited to enter Snapshot Contest in 2015

Contributors whose photos we print in 2015 will be entered into a drawing and Country Lines will pay the winner's January 2016 electric bill (up to $200.00)!

Click here to submit your photo electronically. (A new page will open with the submission form.)

To send by mail: Include your name, address phone number, photographer’s name and details about your photo. Identify the people left to right and tell us their relation to you.

Mail to:

Manager's Message: Back to School? We Never Stop Learning

September may be the traditional back-to-school month, but we have education on our minds almost all the time. In fact, “Education and Information” is the fifth of seven Cooperative Principles we operate under.

For instance, we send you Country Lines magazine 10 times a year to keep you updated on your electric cooperative.

And in this issue, you’ll find notices for three programs which support education in our service area:


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