Manager's Message: Directors - and Your Vote - Make a Difference

As an electric cooperative, HomeWorks Tri-County is guided by an elected board of directors who represent its members’ best interest when considering decisions and policies. A director’s decisions will impact issues, such as service rates, rights of way and work plans. This position holds great responsibility and requires men and women who understand their community’s needs and serve the cooperative members’ best interest.  

Manager's Message: The People At The Other End Of The Power Line

One of the great things about a cooperative is that we are owned by, and operated for the benefit of, the people we serve: you and your neighbors.

That means we work hard every day to make sure that your energy is safe and reliable, that the rates you pay for that energy are fair and competitive, and that the service you receive is personal, courteous, and knowledgeable.

We also try to treat you like an individual, a person with a name and address, rather than as an account number.

Manager's Message: Electricity - A Value Or Bargain?

Even in today’s shifting energy climate, electricity remains a good value.

Did you know that an average day’s worth of electricity for a family home costs less than $5? We don’t often question the cost of a fast food meal, which may be more than that day’s electric power. And yet, we frequently become upset if our electric bill is higher than usual, even if it’s due to our own usage habits.

Manager's Message: Taking Electricity For Granted

Most of us don’t remember life before electricity, and the many conveniences it makes possible. We don’t remember lighting candles or lanterns to extend the day beyond sunrise to sunset. We don’t remember hours of back-breaking labor to pump water, wash clothes, or do farm chores to feed the family.

Did you know there are 1.2 billion people around the world who still live without the benefits of electric power? But we’re doing something about it, one village at a time.

Manager's Message: What Makes Us Different? You Do

We recently completed the 2015 membership meetings, in which we delivered supper and a co-op update on the road to each of our seven districts. It was gratifying to see such a great turnout overall!

Since HomeWorks is owned and controlled by you and your neighbors - the people who receive electric service from the cooperative - these meetings are one of the ways you help guide and control HomeWorks. If you didn’t make it to your meeting this year, we hope you’ll mark your calendar for next May and join us then.

Board Authorizes Capital Credit Retirement Totaling $2,416,000

As a cooperative, we are operated on a not-for-profit basis. After all expenses are paid for the year, any money left over is allocated back to you as capital credits, in proportion to the amount of energy you used. Those allocations become member equity, or your share of ownership in the cooperative. The money is used to operate and build your cooperative, and then returned to you through a refund at a later date.

Manager's Message: Co-op Membership Highlighted in May

In May, several cooperative principles are highlighted at HomeWorks Tri-County Electric.

To start with, your board of directors authorized a $2.4 million capital credit refund, and nearly every active member will receive a bill credit or check with your share of this refund. Read more about capital credits, and why they’re important to cooperative owners, at principle #3 - members’ economic participation)


Together We Save