Cooperatives commit to you and our communities

Cooperatives commit to you and our communities

HomeWorks Tri-County Electric celebrates National Cooperative Month in October, along with 40,000 other cooperatives serving more than 120 million Americans.

This year’s theme of “Cooperatives Commit” will be used to help more people learn of the advantages of the cooperative business model.

As member-owned and -controlled businesses, we are committed to meeting the needs of our members and communities, rather than generating returns for distant investors.  

Co-ops like HomeWorks commit in many ways to meeting the needs of our members and building stronger communities. The dollars you pay for your electricity are spent on purchasing your power and delivering it to you safely. Any funds left are reinvested in the co-op through work plan projects that will strengthen our reliability, and in time, returned to you as capital credits.

Your dollars circulate close to home, helping to strengthen the local economy.

There are many more ways that co-ops like HomeWorks commit. Among them: 

Cooperatives Commit to Community

We work for the sustainable development of our communities here in mid-Michigan through employee involvement in local organizations, and our support for local schools and community projects.

The Tri-County Electric People Fund, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in just a few months, has made nearly 1,500 grants totaling nearly $2.1 million in that time, helping families with housing, food, and medical care. We’ve put radios into emergency services vehicles, books on library shelves, and school supplies in children’s backpacks, with the help of our generous members who round up their electric bill each month.  

Cooperatives Commit to a Better World

Through all of the above ways, cooperatives build a better world. In 2015, Partners for Power sent Michigan co-op linemen to a rural mountain village in Guatemala, helping those people bring electricity to their homes.

We’re now looking ahead to 2018 and a new Partners for Power trip, this time to Ponton Yata, Bolivia. Michigan cooperatives are reaching out to a Bolivian power cooperative to build power lines in another remote area.

Whether the need is here at home, or in another country, HomeWorks Tri-County Electric is committed to our members and our neighbors, all year-round.

Together We Save