Manager’s Message: Will you help your neighbor?

Manager’s Message: Will you help your neighbor?

Last year I asked if you were helping us build a better world.

This year my question is similar: Are you making a difference?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Tri-County Electric People Fund helping out our neighbors here in mid-Michigan.

By rounding up your monthly energy bill, you allow us to donate your spare change – averaging just 50 cents per month – to the People Fund. In turn, a volunteer board of seven cooperative members reviews requests for help from individuals and organizations.

The smallest grant they’ve given was $60, to a woman who needed eyeglasses. The largest was for $10,000 to support bone marrow testing. During one of the drives the People Fund helped sponsor, a match was found, and a life was saved. Both of these grants – all of the People Fund’s grants, large and small – make me feel like I’m helping to make a difference for my neighbors.

You can read all the details in the People Fund Annual Report that’s wrapped around this issue of Michigan Country Lines, but here’s a couple more significant numbers:

The People Fund has made 1,175 grants totaling $1,764,266.25 in its first 20 years. The average, per grant, is $1,501.50. Think of how much more the People Fund could do if all of our members rounded up!


If your energy bill rounds up to an even dollar amount every month, you’re already participating, and we thank you for your continuing support.

If your energy bill does not round up to an even dollar amount, please consider calling 1-800-562-8232 to tell us you want to help make a difference with your spare change.

The neighbor you help might be your own.

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