Manager's Message: Our Culture of Safety

Manager's Message: Our Culture of Safety

Our Culture of Safety Won’t Let Us Take Electricity For Granted

Electricity does so much for us: it provides us with lighting, heat and cooling to give us comfort; it turns motors to ease our burden; and runs all kinds of electric devices that help us be creative and provide us with entertainment.

Electricity is something many of us take for granted, until we flip that wall switch and the lights don’t come on.

But electricity can be as dangerous as it is convenient. That’s why we have built a culture of safety here at HomeWorks.

Safety is a core value of our cooperative. This means it requires constant focus and attention every day, just like we focus on reliability, customer service, or the co-op’s finances.

Safety means wearing the proper gear, and following the proper procedures, every time we perform a task, in the field or at the office.

Safety means keeping our vehicles and equipment in top operating condition.

Safety means responding to emergency calls promptly, to make sure members and the general public don’t have to worry about downed lines.

Safety means restoring outages promptly, so you can take advantage of the light and comfort electricity provides.

For several years, we have participated in our national organization’s safety achievement program, working to be accredited for safe practices every three years. The program has had many benefits, from giving our employees goals to work toward, to helping keep insurance costs stable.

The program has recently undergone a fundamental change: it’s now a safety assessment program, designed to continually assess the level of safety core competence at all levels of our organization.

If you read the board meeting updates in these pages each month, you’ll see that the board reviews our monthly safety report. That’s because our commitment to safety has to start with the policymakers and budget setters, letting every employee know this is a core value at each level.

Our assessment, which took place in April, listed many things we are doing right, and pointed out a few areas where we will work to do better. The end result will be employees who go home to their families as healthy as they came to work, and a safer environment for both our member-owners and the general public.

Taking electricity for granted is easy, since we use it all day, every day, and almost always safely. But we will never take safety - yours or ours - for granted.

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