You Are A Member, A Customer, and An Owner!

You Are A Member, A Customer, and An Owner!

Are you a customer of HomeWorks Tri-County Electric? Or are you a member-owner? If you purchase our electric service for your mid-Michigan home or business, you're BOTH!

We are a member-owned and controlled electric distribution cooperative. As a member-owner-customer, you are invited to take part in the business of the cooperative in many ways, including board elections and district membership meetings.

Each year at least two board seats come up for election. This year it's Districts 3 (Clinton County, except for Bingham, Duplain and Greenbush townships) and District 6 (Clare and Isabella counties). Learn more about the candidate nomination and election process here.

In May of each year, we host a member-owner meeting in each district. We bring dinner, information and prizes to share with everyone who attends. Learn more about our district meetings - they're already scheduled for this coming May! - here.

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