Working With You Helps Highlight Value

Working With You Helps Highlight Value

by Missy Robson, Manager of Customer Service

My team’s job at HomeWorks Tri-County is to help you get the most value for your energy dollars. We have a number of low or no-cost tools that can make a difference for you.

  • Sign up for budget billing and minimize monthly bill spikes by averaging your payments over 12-months. You can start any time of year, once you have established 12 months of usage history in your own name.
  • Pay As You Go prepaid electric service lets you make smaller, more manageable payments throughout the month, rather than one large payment on a predetermined due date. You’ll never pay late fees or reconnect charges, and prepaid service eliminates the need for a security deposit. People who use the service tell us they are more conscious of their energy use so they actually use less power, lowering their energy costs.
  • Use SmartHub, online or with our free smartphone app, to keep an eye on your use. You can actually mark your account when something significant changes, such as family visits or new appliances, then compare use before and after. Or compare this month’s use to the same month last year, with weather information to put the use in context. SmartHub will help you understand your energy bill.
  • Automatic bill payment through your bank or credit card, paying by phone or paying online, eliminates checks and stamps or a trip to the office! With paperless billing, you’ll receive an email alerting you to the bill amount, and you can see or download a copy of your bill at
  • If you’re ready to upgrade appliances, lights, or your heating system, our Energy Optimization rebates can lower your upfront costs so you’ll save even more over the life of the item. You can learn more at
  • Finally, if your energy usage seems higher than usual and using SmartHub's tracking doesn't help you figure out the reasons, call us! Our customer service reps will work with you to review your account as energy advisors. Part of recognizing the value of electricity is being aware of just what work it’s doing for you.

Whether we’re building stronger power lines, going out to make repairs at 2 am, answering your phone calls with a smile, or finding ways to use technology to keep our costs (and rates) stable, as the electric utility YOU own, we are always working for you.

(February, 2018 issue of Michigan Country Lines)

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