Propane Services

Propane Services

Looking for a reliable propane provider? Look no further than HomeWorks Tri-County Propane. Give us a call today at 877-574-2740!

No Hidden Costs, or Delivery Fees

Maybe you’ve noticed how some propane suppliers will advertise a really attractive price per gallon, only to surprise customers with a bunch of hidden fees later. Why should you have to pay an extra fee to enroll in a price protection program? Or pay an extra fee every time you take a propane delivery?

Maybe you’ve also noticed how some propane suppliers offer a “special” low propane rate for new customers' first fill, or even for the first full year. Sure, it may sound like a great deal at first, but think about this: why should a new customer be treated better than a loyal customer? Why should you, the loyal customer, have to pay a little more so that the new customer can pay a little less?

At HomeWorks we will always treat our propane customers fairly, with the same great service and no-nonsense pricing for everyone.

Capped Winter Rates

It's no surprise that fuel prices are unpredictable. Isn't it comforting to know you can enjoy the security of capped winter pricing? Each autumn HomeWorks sets a competitive winter rate, with a cap that is good through the entire heating season. The capped rate is the MAXIMUM you will pay, your actual rate may even be less! And there is never an additional charge to receive this price security.

Call 1-877-574-2740 for the current capped rate.

Equal Payment (Budget) Plan

Equal Payment Plan graph We want to make your propane bills easy on your wallet and as stress free as possible. Why pay for your whole propane delivery at one time? Now you can avoid seasonal ups and downs and know exactly what you owe each month. Our Equal Payment Plan averages your energy bills for the entire year - so you can pay the same amount every month.

You can sign up for the Equal Payment Plan at any time during the year. Your budgeted amount will be reviewed and recalculated in May, and then again in December, with the new payment amount starting the following month.

Contact our office at 877-574-2740 to get started or for more information.

Payments are based on your past energy use, normal weather conditions and our estimate of energy costs over the next 12 months. To qualify for the Equal Payment Plan you must have at least 12 months of propane usage history in your name. Payments are based on your estimated annual bill divided into 11 equal monthly payments. The Equal Payment Plan requires a signed agreement.

Auto-Fill Service

HomeWorks is able to estimate when your tank is in need of a fill and automatically provide that service to you. You won't have to worry about running out of gas or calling ahead to schedule a fill, as long as you use propane as your primary heating source at your primary residence. Approved credit and a billing deposit may be required.

Call 811 before you dig.

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