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My Account - SmartHub

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Log in to view your bill, meter readings, and history. (If you're using SmartHub for the first time, you'll need to provide your account number, the last name on your account, and your email address.)



Pay Bill Now button - no need to register or log in Go directly to the Pay Bill app - no registration required. This option does not store your payment information. You will need to re-enter your account details each time you use the Pay Bill Now app.


With SmartHub, the power of data is in your hands through convenient account management and detailed usage information. SmartHub is a mobile and web application that delivers accurate, timely account information and allows you to make payments in a secure environment, right from your mobile device or on your computer.  The two-way communication available with SmartHub allows you to notify us of account and service issues from your phone, table, or computer.





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