May 22 is Michigan Roadside Safety Awareness Day

May 22 is Michigan Roadside Safety Awareness Day

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has used the following resolution to proclaim Thursday, May 22, as Michigan Roadside Safety Awareness Day:

WHEREAS, construction projects, including those that occur in and around roadways, are in full swing in Michigan due to the arrival of warmer weather;

WHEREAS, while those who are required to work in and around roadways, such as road/bridge workers, utility workers, telecommunication providers, waste haulers, general construction workers and others deploy many safety devices when doing so, including, warning lights, signage, cones and barrels, accidents still occur;

WHEREAS, about 100 workers are killed and more than 20,000 are injured in roadside accidents across the nation in an average year;

WHEREAS, Michigan construction zone and utility related crashes in 2012 (working on updated numbers) totaled 11,000 along with 24 fatalities, and there are also numerous near misses and damages to worker vehicles parked in road construction areas;

WHEREAS, Public Act 103 of 2001 established penalties for injuring or killing a highway construction or maintenance worker and is known as “Andy’s Law” in honor of construction worker Andrew Lefko, who was seriously injured in a 1999 crash in a southeast Michigan construction zone; 

WHEREAS, Public Act 315 of 2006 enhanced Andy’s Law to define work zones for which violations can trigger the more severe penalties;

WHEREAS, Public Act 464 of 2008 requires drivers to use caution when approaching a service vehicle in a roadway, such as a stationary solid waste collection vehicle, utility service vehicle, or a road maintenance vehicle with flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber lights;

WHEREAS, Michigan House of Representatives approved House Resolution 330 establishing December 6, 2012 as Michigan Utility Worker Safety Awareness Day;

WHEREAS, Roadside service providers have safety teams to work to identify and enhance roadside safety for their employees through deployment of additional safety equipment and procedures;

WHEREAS; these providers continue  to seek ways to enhance awareness for everyone working in and around roadways so that drivers will take heed, slow down, and go around to help keep them safe;

WHEREAS, Utility public service announcements will accompany other safety messages on TV and radio to raise public awareness about keeping workers safe by obeying laws and slowing down in construction zones, not texting or allowing other distractions when traveling through these areas, and being vigilant about keeping workers safe while in and near roadways;

WHEREAS, an event is being held in Lansing to share this important and lifesaving information with legislators, the general public and media;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 22, 2014 as Michigan Roadside Safety Awareness Day in Michigan.

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