Manager's Message: What Makes Us Different? You Do

Manager's Message: What Makes Us Different? You Do

We recently completed the 2015 membership meetings, in which we delivered supper and a co-op update on the road to each of our seven districts. It was gratifying to see such a great turnout overall!

Since HomeWorks is owned and controlled by you and your neighbors - the people who receive electric service from the cooperative - these meetings are one of the ways you help guide and control HomeWorks. If you didn’t make it to your meeting this year, we hope you’ll mark your calendar for next May and join us then.

Why do we hold district meetings every year? We ask you to come out each year to, first, conduct the business of the cooperative; second, to elect delegates to the Annual Meeting (this year, it’s on Aug. 15); and third, to elect the district officers who run the meetings and serve as the nominating committee every three years. Then, after the business meeting, we provide a brief and, we hope, entertaining update on the cooperative’s operations. 

This year, we paused to honor our veteran member-owners. As we began planning the meetings, we learned nearly half of our active members have been with HomeWorks for 25 years or more. And eight per cent have been member-owners for 50 years plus!

To our long-time members, we say: Thank you for building the cooperative. Thank you for sending good leaders to the board table. And, thank you for raising generations of co-op member-owners, who have or will become co-op leaders.

The thing is, people ask all the time: what makes electric cooperatives different? What makes HomeWorks Tri-County different?

Remember, there’s a big difference between a cooperative and a corporation. Corporations have to answer to their stockholders with their quarterly profit statements, which creates a focus on the short term.

Cooperatives are less focused on short-term profits and more focused on long-term reliability and affordability. This long-term focus creates a culture of doing the right things, always, for the members.

So, the difference is simple. It’s you and your neighbors in all seven of our districts, the members who are engaged in the workings of HomeWorks Tri-County. The members who know they are member-owners and take part by voting, or making sure the board of directors know about their concerns.

It’s the members who’ve been with us for 25, 30, 50, even 75 years, and those who will be with us 25, 50, or 75 years from now. You are the center of all we do.

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