Manager's Message: Sharing the Cooperative Spirit

Manager's Message: Sharing the Cooperative Spirit

Come have supper with your board member, your neighbors and your co-op staff this month.

Yes, it’s time for our annual district membership meetings, bringing HomeWorks Tri-County Electric to your neighborhood for an evening of food, fun, and democracy in action.

There’ll be board elections in Districts 1, 5, and 7 – if you’re in one of those districts, this is the year that you have a say in the guidance and direction of your cooperative. Electing board members to set the policy and oversee the operations of the co-op is one of the most important things you can do to make sure it’s run the way you want it to be.

Nearly as important is electing district officers, who will serve as the nominating committees for future board elections. If you live in Districts 2 or 4, that’s your job this year, since board elections will be held in 2014.

Whichever district you’re a part of, you’ll also have the chance to have a face-to-face conversation with your director, with me, or with any of the staff members who attend, including our electric operations and customer service managers. We can help with any concerns you may have about your service.

This year, we’re asking you to do even more. We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tri-County Electric People Fund by collecting non-perishable food items for a food pantry in your area. Someone from the food pantry will be on hand to tell you about the need they’re seeing for donations like this.

So here’s the offer in a nutshell: you give us about 3 hours of your time on a May evening and in return you’ll get:

• A tasty Michigan-made supper

• Conversations with your neighbors and co-op staff

• An opportunity to help local families in need

• A chance to win a prize, and

• A gift to take home with you

What a deal! Come have supper with us and make a difference – to your cooperative and to your community.


Monday, May 13 – District 5, Fulton Elementary Gym

Tuesday, May 14 – District 3, Eagle Park Hall

Wednesday, May 15 – District 7, St. Michael’s Parish Center, Remus

Thursday, May 16 – District 1, St. Mary’s Church, Charlotte (new location)

Monday, May 20 – District 4, Vestaburg Middle School Gym

Tuesday, May 21 – District 6, Beal City High School (new location)

Wednesday, May 22 – District 2, St. Edward’s Church, Lake Odessa

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