Manager's Message: The People At The Other End Of The Power Line

Manager's Message: The People At The Other End Of The Power Line

One of the great things about a cooperative is that we are owned by, and operated for the benefit of, the people we serve: you and your neighbors.

That means we work hard every day to make sure that your energy is safe and reliable, that the rates you pay for that energy are fair and competitive, and that the service you receive is personal, courteous, and knowledgeable.

We also try to treat you like an individual, a person with a name and address, rather than as an account number.

In return, we hope you think of HomeWorks as the cooperative you own, and our board of directors and employees as the people who deliver the energy your family needs for comfort and convenience.

Your board of directors is listed on this page, but here are the rest of the HomeWorks family. They join me in wishing you a joyful holiday season and a happy, productive 2016!

Accounting: Pat Simmer, Cheryl Blaschka, Christina Pulling, Jeralyn Marshall, Sara Urie

Customer Service, Blanchard: Cathy Foster, Cheri Rauch, Erin Storey, Stacey Kirby

Customer Service, Portland: Missy Robson, Mary Jane Hoppes, Becky Beard, Brandon Trierweiler, Jeff Erridge, Jessica Hinds, Joy Frazee, Karen Beard, Kevin Blundy, Lesa Barker, Luanne Goodman, Madison Lefke, Michelle Huhn, Sean Thelen, Stacey Brown

Customer Service, Meter Readers: Cinnamin Piggott, David Parkhouse, Terri Larsen

Billing: Angel McCliggott, Christy Manting, Rita Owen

Electric Operations, Blanchard: Kevin VanDePerre, Adam Doughty, Allen Delo, Bob Verhaar, Calvin Foster, Cody Teegardin, Dan Dexter, Dan Fredricks, Jeannie Porritt, Jeremy McVeigh, Jody Birch, Jon Karcher, Rick Warchuck

Electric Operations, Portland: Chris Reed, Chris Teachout, Brad Parkhouse, Chris Vallier, Jeff Campbell, Jeremey Smith, Jeremy Zbytowski, Jon Shattuck, Kyle Balderson, Mark Goodman, Rob Brennan, Ryan Smith

Engineering Services & Dispatch: Chris Jensen, Brian Thompson, Debbie Rogers, Kelly Vroman, Nick Rusnell, Val Wohlscheid

Information Technology: Tom Manting, Chris O’Neill, Jamie Trommater

Propane Operations, Blanchard: Andy Fredricks, Lanny Withey, Randy Spayd, Trevor Wood

Propane Operations, Portland: Randy Halstead, Dan Peiffer, Kevin Sandborn, Neal Swain

And: Denise Weeks, Tanya Schneider, Jayne Graham

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