Manager's Message: New Tools Help You Manage Information

Manager's Message: New Tools Help You Manage Information

If you’re familiar with Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” you’ll know that one of those habits is “Sharpen the Saw.”

To us, that means continually improving by using the tools we have in a better way, being open to new technologies that help us provide you with better service, and learning every day.

For instance, we’re still figuring out how to tell you about all the useful features of SmartHub®, a self-service site that gives you instant access to your account via computer or mobile device. 

Sure, you can pay your bill, but you can do so much more. With SmartHub, you can check your energy use and compare it to last month or last year. You can “bookmark” a date when you replaced an appliance, to track how it changes your energy use patterns.

You can also update the information on your account, such as your phone number, send us service requests, or even report a power outage and skip being on hold when our phone lines are temporarily overwhelmed. 

On page 9 of the November-December issue of Country Lines (a pdf file of the page is linked below this article), you can read more about our latest technological change – our online outage map. The map we had was adequate, but showed only basic information.

Working with other co-ops and our data processing vendor, we now have a new interactive online outage map that will help us answer more of your questions.

 When there’s an outage, you want to know:

1) Does the co-op know my power is out?

2) When will the power be back on? and

3) What caused the problem? 

Working with this new map program, we’re learning to adjust our internal work processes in order to gather and share the information you want. This will include the cause of an outage, as soon as it’s known, and an estimated time for restoration of your service.

Both of these new tools give you power over the information you receive from HomeWorks. Moving forward this way helps us keep our saw as sharp as possible to serve you well.

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