Manager's Message: Live and Learn

Manager's Message: Live and Learn

We place a lot of importance on the fifth cooperative principle, “Education and Information.”

In this issue of Country Lines alone, we recognize two employees who completed an advanced series of courses (page 16); the skills they’ve learned will help us serve you better.

This issue also contains information about the annual scholarship program to support area students who seek higher education (page 13), Classroom Technology Grants to teachers who can use technology to guide their students (also page 13), and a three-day youth leadership camp in April (back cover).

Even this magazine is an educational tool, with energy efficiency (page xx) and safety tips (page xx) mixed in with the recipes (page xx) and interesting feature stories (page xx).

In future issues, watch for information about board of director elections, capital credits and your equity in your electric cooperative, district member meetings, and even more of the safety, energy efficiency, and recipe features.

Country Lines is an inexpensive way to get information about HomeWorks products and services to every member-owner we serve. We use Facebook to post information as well, and encourage a conversation with our members.

It’s said that education is the cornerstone of effective self-governance. Member-owners who stay informed are more likely to vote when board seats come open, helping guide their electric cooperative by carefully selecting the men and women who will set policies for years to come.

Those member-owners are best served by elected leaders who understand the industry, and how we can move forward to meet changing demands. And by employees who train every day on safety, use of technology, and other ways to serve you better.

Michael Josephson, a noted lecturer on ethics and the founder of CHARACTER COUNTS, is quoted as saying “Life never stops teaching. Be sure you never stop learning.”

At your electric cooperative, learning is a way of life, every day.

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