Manager's Message: Electricity - A Value Or Bargain?

Manager's Message: Electricity - A Value Or Bargain?

Even in today’s shifting energy climate, electricity remains a good value.

Did you know that an average day’s worth of electricity for a family home costs less than $5? We don’t often question the cost of a fast food meal, which may be more than that day’s electric power. And yet, we frequently become upset if our electric bill is higher than usual, even if it’s due to our own usage habits.

It makes sense; we have become increasingly reliant upon electricity. Electricity has, for many of us, gone from a luxury commodity - a choice - to a necessity and an expectation. We expect the lights to come on when we flip the switch, and we expect our power to stay on during the best and worst conditions. How else would we keep our food fresh, our homes cool in the summer or warm in the winter?

Value goes beyond cost: when you flip the switch at home, the lights should come on. We work hard to ensure you have electricity every hour of every day.

Even as we upgrade the distribution system to keep improving reliability, we face continual threats. Maybe an ice or wind storm. Maybe a neighbor forgets to call before he digs up his backyard. Maybe someone slides off the road and hits a utility pole.

We’ve experienced a lot together. Remember the Christmas 2013 ice storm, or the wind storm in April, just a few months later? Crews worked long hours for days on end to rebuild lines and restore power to every member.

But we’re also always preparing for what may come, strengthening our lines and improving our processes so we can respond quickly. With 3,600 miles of electric distribution lines, we have a lot of ground to cover, and reliability doesn’t come without its costs.

If at times it doesn’t seem that electricity is affordable, remember – even as the demand for electricity grows and the cost of poles, wires, transformers, and equipment goes up – annual rate increases still remain low, especially when compared to other consumer goods such as medical care, education, gasoline and, yes, even fast food. Electricity is still a great bargain.

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