Manager's Message: Directors - and Your Vote - Make a Difference

Manager's Message: Directors - and Your Vote - Make a Difference

As an electric cooperative, HomeWorks Tri-County is guided by an elected board of directors who represent its members’ best interest when considering decisions and policies. A director’s decisions will impact issues, such as service rates, rights of way and work plans. This position holds great responsibility and requires men and women who understand their community’s needs and serve the cooperative members’ best interest.  

That’s why it’s important for you, as our member-owners, to continue to elect strong directors to our board. Experienced and trained directors help guide us into the future, keeping yesterday’s lessons in mind. Fresh ideas and new perspectives help the co-op develop policies that could keep our community competitive.

Our board is a democratically elected body nominated by members of the cooperative’s service territory and voted into position by any member who chooses to participate in the cooperative’s open election. At HomeWorks Tri-County, we hold elections every May in two or three of our seven districts.

This year, for the first time in a long time, all three incumbent directors have decided not to run for re-election. We’re going to miss Phil Conklin, Cara Evans, and Dean Floria for their experience and the extras each brought to the board table. But it is an opportunity to get some of those new perspectives to help guide HomeWorks Tri-County into the future, whatever it brings.

If you are a member in one of the three districts open this year, and would be interested in serving or can recommend someone, please contact the district officers who serve as the nominating committees. They have a big job this year and would love to hear from you. Any co-op member (in good standing) is welcome to run for an open position on the board.

In May, read Country Lines to learn more about this year’s director candidates, and learn when and where your district meeting will be held. Then, come out to vote and show your support for the director candidate of your choice.

Even if it’s not a board election year in your district, you will be asked to vote for district officers. Each district’s officers serve as that district’s nominating committee, looking for the leadership and willingness to serve that the co-op needs. You can see how important that job is!

The leaders who serve our co-op, and your votes, make a big difference to how the cooperative is guided in its policies and operations. Make your vote count.

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