Manager's Message: Co-op Membership Highlighted in May

Manager's Message: Co-op Membership Highlighted in May

In May, several cooperative principles are highlighted at HomeWorks Tri-County Electric.

To start with, your board of directors authorized a $2.4 million capital credit refund, and nearly every active member will receive a bill credit or check with your share of this refund. Read more about capital credits, and why they’re important to cooperative owners, at principle #3 - members’ economic participation)

Next, two districts are holding board seat elections. You can read about the candidates, who happen to be the incumbent directors, at

If you are a member in District 3 (most of Clinton County) or District 6 (Clare and Isabella counties), you’ll have the opportunity to vote at your district meeting. If you can’t attend, we encourage you to use the absentee ballot request form provided, so you can take part in the election process. (Co-op principle #2 - democratic member control)

And, starting May 11, HomeWorks staff and I will bring supper, and an update on the co-op’s operations, to each of our seven districts, and we invite you to join us when we’re in your neighborhood. Watch your mailbox for your invitation with all the details. We try to keep the meeting brief, but interesting and informative, so that you can stay up-to-date on HomeWorks. (Co-op principle #5 - education and information)

We’re also repeating the food drive that was so successful two years ago. At each district, a local food pantry will collect your donations to help serve families in your area. (Co-op principal #7 - concern for community)

We look forward to seeing you at your district membership meeting, if your schedule permits.


2015 meeting schedule:

May 11 - District 5          Fulton Elementary Gym

May 12 - District 1          St. Mary’s Church, Charlotte

May 13 - District 7          St. Michael’s School, Remus

May 14 - District 3          Eagle Park Hall (election)

May 18 - District 4          Vestaburg Middle School

May 19 - District 6          Beal City High School (election)

May 20 - District 2          St. Edward’s, Lake Odessa

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