Manager's Message: Changes to Our Co-op Family

Manager's Message: Changes to Our Co-op Family

Like your family, at HomeWorks Tri-County we mark the big occasions in the lives of our “work family." This summer, we’ve had several changes within a short time.

  • Calvin Foster completed his 7,000-hour line apprenticeship program and is now a journeyman lineman. Calvin has been with HomeWorks for 15 years, having started with our propane subsidiary. Becoming a lineworker requires a dedication to working safely over long hours and in difficult working conditions, and we are fortunate to have Calvin on our team. Congratulations, Calvin!
  • Another lineman at Blanchard, Tom Hoffmeyer, had the opportunity to return to his hometown and transferred to our sister co-op, Presque Isle Electric & Gas. We’ll miss his contributions to our team, but we wish Tom and his young family the very best.
  • Long-time director Laverne Hansen chose to retire rather than run for re-election to the board this year. Laverne and his wife, Joyce, have been such a big part of our co-op life over the past 27 years that it’s going to be a little bit jarring to look at the board table and see someone else in his seat. We hope to see Laverne stay active with HomeWorks even in his retirement.
  • We’ll still see a Hansen in the District 4 board seat, however, as Kimber Hansen won the seat following a dramatic tie vote. Although he’s already familiar with the co-op from being around his dad, Laverne, we’ll all benefit from helping our newest board member learn the ropes.

Changes like these give us interesting new points of view, although they can sometimes be bittersweet. But we believe our culture of “HomeWorks family” is an important asset that helps us provide our member-owners with the reliable and affordable service you expect.

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