Load management

Load management

Load Management shifts the use of electricity from periods of high demand to periods of lower demand, when the cost of electricity usually is lower. 

Think of the electric system as a highway that has certain rush hours, such as hot summer afternoons, when power supplies are stretched to their capacity and beyond, and causing price spikes in power costs. Load management encourages users to change their usage pattern to a different time, reducing the strain on an overloaded system.

At HomeWorks, our members have taken part in two successful load management programs over the years: the Hot Water Deal, and Dual Fuel heating and cooling. These were originally offered by Wolverine Power Cooperative, our power supplier, to help reduce overall power costs. Since January 1, 2012, HomeWorks has taken over the programs.

How Does Load Management work?

Simply allow us to install a control box (like the one shown below) on your heating system or the electric water heater you purchased from HomeWorks Tri-County Electric. When electricity is most expensive, we’ll send a signal to the box and power to the unit is cut for a short while.

Savings from reducing the cooperative’s power bill are passed on to all of our member-owners, and you also help reduce the need for new power plants to meet growing peak demand.

Learn more about our water heater deal here.

Load Management control device


What do the lights on your Demand Response control box mean?

A red light means your water heater and/or heating & cooling system is under control.
A green or amber light indicates the device is in normal operating mode (not under control).
"No lights lit" has no significance.


Note: Once the control period ends, it can take up to 15 minutes for your water heater or heating/air-conditioning to start up again.


Hot Water Deal

Residential or general service members who purchase an electric water heater from HomeWorks can participate in the Hot Water Deal. To qualify for this monthly credit, the sole source of water heating must be electricity; this tariff is not available to members using time clocks, remote control, or other devices to control their water heaters. Qualifying water heaters must have a minimum tank capacity of 30 gallons, and must use a minimum of 350 kWh per month to earn the credit.

Control of service shall not exceed four hours per day, and will generally be during the early evening hours between 5 and 10 pm. Energy for the water heater will be charged at the regular rate (Schedule A or B), including power supply cost recovery and energy optimization charges and sales tax; a credit of $4.50 per month per meter will be applied to the energy bills of participating members until the contract period ends.

For full details, see Schedule CWH - Controlled Water Heater Service.

Dual Fuel

The Dual Fuel interruptible service rate is designed for electric heating. To qualify for this special low rate, your home must have a non-electric backup heating system. The Dual Fuel system consists of a second meter, for recording purposes only, and a panel connected only to your electric heating/cooling equipment, that is controlled by HomeWorks.

During times when demand on our electric system is high, we can interrupt your Dual Fuel service. When this happens, your non-electric backup system must be capable of meeting your heating needs. However, your backup system will never be required to provide more than 8 hours per 24 hour period, or more than 400 hours per heating season. Electric service for your other appliances is not affected. A control device will be installed to interrupt the Dual Fuel service for varying lengths of time.

Electric heating systems can be geothermal or air to air heat pumps, convective baseboards, 220 volt wall heater, and radiant slabs or ceilings, electric furnaces, plenum heaters, or electric boilers.

Backup heating systems can be fueled by oil, wood, propane or natural gas. The backup system must be capable of continuous operation or meet your total space heating need.

For the current Dual Fuel rate, see Schedule CH - Controlled Heating. The program and rate are subject to change with due notice to participating members.

How to Participate:

Call HomeWorks toll free at 800-562-8232 for more information on the Hot Water Deal and Dual Fuel programs.

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