It’s What We Do Every Day

It’s What We Do Every Day

The wind that blew March 8 and 9 damaged a lot of electric lines across Michigan’s lower peninsula.

About 3,500 HomeWorks Tri-County members were out of power during the worst of it; our line crews were assisted by crews from Wolverine Power Cooperative and the City of Portland, along with tree clearing crews from Asplundh and Wright Tree Company.

Working together, we restored power to all but a few members by Thursday night. Meanwhile, we were watching as the outage numbers in other parts of the state continued to rise. This was a historic storm, causing incredible damage to electric systems and nearly a million power outages, all told.

We were asked how we were able to restore power to nearly all of our members by Thursday night. The answer is, “It’s what we do every day.”

No, we don’t deal with major storms every day. But we do work every day to build and maintain and upgrade our electric system so that it is reliable and efficient, to give you the most value for your energy dollar.

It’s not just our line crews, either.

  • We use every bit of engineering technology at out fingertips to forecast where those upgrades and rebuilds are needed.
  • We work with our vendors to make sure we’re getting the quality materials we need when we need them.
  • We regularly review our dispatch procedures to make sure crews are tracked for safety and deployed where they can do the most good.
  • We look at ways to communicate better, from getting up-to-date information to the customer service reps who answer your phone calls, to posting and responding regularly on Facebook and at

It’s what we do every day. That’s what makes the difference when the wind blows.

Mark Kappler

Michigan Country Lines Magazine

May 2017

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