HomeWorks TCEC to Achieve 56% Carbon-Free Energy in 2018

HomeWorks TCEC to Achieve 56% Carbon-Free Energy in 2018

Michigan’s leader in new renewable energy is now leading Michigan’s transition to a low-carbon future. HomeWorks Tri-County’s power supplier, Wolverine Power Cooperative (Wolverine), announced this week it will achieve a 56% carbon-free fuel mix by January 1,  2018. The move reduces the cooperative’s carbon-based sources of generation by 36 percent and reinforces HomeWorks Tri-County’s and Wolverine’s leadership in modern renewables and environmental stewardship.

“We share Wolverine’s commitment to environmental responsibility, reliable power, and competitive costs. Our members have told us all three elements are important to them as energy consumers,” says general manager Mark Kappler.

To reach the substantial carbon-free level, Wolverine signed a new long-term contract for zero-emission energy. When added to current renewable energy assets, the agreement will increase the amount of carbon-free energy in HomeWorks Tri-County’s fuel mix from 31% to 56%.

In addition to significantly reducing emissions from carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, the new agreement also helps ensure power costs remain competitive for years to come.

“Environmental stewardship and cost-competitive energy are important to our members, and we’re proud to create an opportunity to address both next year,” says Eric Baker, president and chief executive officer of Wolverine Power Cooperative. “We will deliver more renewables and less carbon while maintaining cost and reliability for our members.”

In the past year, Wolverine and its members added more than 150 MW of renewable energy generation by agreeing to a long-term contract for the Deerfield wind project, and building SpartanSolar—Northern Michigan’s largest solar array. Wolverine and its members lead Michigan utilities with the highest percentage of new renewables and exceed both present and anticipated state portfolio requirements.


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