HomeWorks Earns Gold Shovel Standard Certification

HomeWorks Earns Gold Shovel Standard Certification

Safety is the number one priority at HomeWorks Tri-County Electric, and leaders at the cooperative took steps to make the workplace even safer recently when they completed the process to achieve Gold Shovel Standard certification. 

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting safer digging practices and protecting the integrity of buried infrastructure, including power and gas lines. The organization strives to promote the use of common safety management systems specifically tailored for damage prevention to achieve the industry-wide goal of zero accidents. GSS also seeks to achieve universal adoption of the one-call process, in which industry workers and members of the public are asked to call 811 to check for buried lines before digging.

“To become Gold Shovel certified, a company has to commit to a high standard of proper digging education with not only their employees, but with every single contractor they work with, as well,” says HomeWorks Manager of Engineering Services Chris Jensen. “This certification means our members can feel confident that we are hiring contractors who are fully educated in safe digging practices. That’s going to keep the members and the workers safe, and on top of that it should also reduce outages and interruptions in service, which is a great thing.”

Goals of the Gold Shovel Standard Program:

  • Fewer Injuries: Improve workforce and public safety by ensuring that those who work around buried infrastructure are educated in damage prevention.  

  • Transparency: Achieve greater transparency in damage prevention through performance measurements, technology, and universally recognized standards.

  • Reduced Outages: Protect the integrity of buried infrastructure, resulting in fewer outages and service interruptions caused by damaged underground power lines.


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