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Our members know full well the difference "homegrown" can make. From cheese and livestock to environmental stewardship, our members are making a homegrown difference in their hometowns--and we're proud to support them with electricity that makes a homegrown difference, too. More than half the electricity HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative and power supplier Wolverine Power Cooperative provides is carbon-free. 


Whether we’re caring for Michigan’s natural resources or supporting difference-makers in our communities through charitable giving, People Fund grants, energy savings, and volunteering, we constantly seek ways to impact our members’ lives for the better.

As a member of HomeWorks Tri-County, we’re proud to provide you with many opportunities to make your own homegrown difference in your hometown. From reducing your carbon footprint,to supporting vital non-profit organizations, take a look at the list below to see what’s within your power to make a difference in the community.

  • GO RENEWABLE: As a Michigan leader in renewable energy, HomeWorks Tri-County is proud to provide members with exciting renewable programs to personally make an impact on Michigan’s environment. 
  • CUT CARBON: Now that more than half of the electricity you use is carbon-free, finding efficient electric solutions in your home can reduce your carbon footprint more than ever before. Get started with a free home energy audit today.
  • SAVE ENERGY: Small investments in your home can pay off in a big way! Our Energy Optimization programs can help you save money, conserve energy, and further reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • GIVE BACK: Since 1993, HomeWorks Tri-County members have donated more than $2.1 million to organizations making a difference in communities through our People Fund. Round your electric bill up to the next dollar and make a difference of your own. 


HomeWorks members know what it takes to care for our communities. Below are just a few examples of our members’ extraordinary commitment.

Andrew Ahrens - owner of Farm Country Cheese
Intrigued? Learn more of the story in this brief video.

Farm Country Cheese House - Lakeview, MI

Last year, HomeWorks members Andrew and Nicki Arens purchased Farm Country Cheese House, in Lakeview, continuing the company’s rich legacy as a family-owned business. Andrew Arens is an alumnus of the Michigan State University Dairy Science Program, has a background in animal nutrition, and also owns a 500-cow dairy farm on HomeWorks lines. His lifelong interest in the industry and entrepreneurial spirit led to his purchase of the Farm Country Cheese House, which has become a new-found passion for Arens.


Bordered by the beautiful Amish countryside that produces the milk for its cheeses, the homegrown Michigan-based company distributes as many as 30 varieties of cheese and other farm-fresh products locally and across the country. To learn more about Farm Country Cheese House, check out the article originally published in our April Michigan Country Lines, or visit FarmCountryCheese.com.


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