Help us save with Load Management

Help us save with Load Management

Be Green. Save Green. Save Energy with Load Management.

We all want to save money - and you can save while helping your cooperative save! You can get a discounted Dual Fuel heating rate, or receive a monthly bill credit for your electric water heater, when you help us reduce our peak power use.

Simply allow us to install a control box (like the one shown below) on your heating system or the electric water heater you purchased from HomeWorks Tri-County Electric. When electricity is most expensive, we’ll send a signal to the box and power to the unit is cut for a short while.

Savings from reducing the cooperative’s power bill are passed on to all of our member-owners, and you also help reduce the need for new power plants to meet growing peak demand.

Learn more about our water heater deal here.

What do the lights on your Demand Response control box mean?

Load Management control device


The C light has no significance.
When the red A light is lit, your water heater is under control.
A red B light means your heating or cooling system is being controlled.
The T light, which is yellow or amber, has no significance.

Note: Once the control period ends, it can take up to 15 minutes for your water heater or heating/air conditioning to start up again.

Together We Save