HomeWorks Connect has been generating lots of talk and with that comes lots of questions. We've split our most frequently asked questions into lists below based on which step they are often asked in.

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 Gathering Interest 




 In Service!



 Gathering Interest  

  • What are the steps to connecting my house? top

Each home will go through the five steps listed here: gathering interest, design, commitment, connection, and in service! When your zone is in any of the steps, certain requirements must be met before the zone can move to the next step. Each zone begins with gathering interest and ends by being in service. We are limited as to how many zones can be in each step by the number of crews we have in the field installing the fiber as well as by the time it takes to design a new area for fiber installation. A zone cannot move from gathering interest into being designed until we have available engineers to begin designing it. When we have an available team of engineers, we choose the zone at the top of the gathering interest step to be designed next. In the same way, a zone cannot move from being designed into commitments until we've designed and constructed the mainline fiber in that zone. When the construction is done, a zone is opened to commitments and a zone will stay in the commitment step until it reaches 100% of its goal. Then, we can be sure that our drops are installed in the most cost-effective way, saving the end consumer money. 


  • What does it mean to pre-register? top

Pre-registration is not a binding contract so there is no risk in pre-registering! It simply lets us know which areas are most interested in having high-speed fiber internet installed. We use interest to determine which zones are moved to the next step when there is space to add another zone into the construction process. When the time comes for your zone to be in the commitment step, you are then asked to confirm your package and sign a contract which guarantees that your home will be connected to our infrastructure. Because your contract will be sent out via email, it is important to pre-register with an email address you frequently use.


  • Why should I pre-register? top

Pre-registration allows us to know where we are most wanted! It also helps a zone's interest levels to increase and the zones with the highest levels of interest will move forward toward construction more quickly. It also guarantees that you'll receive a contract for signing when your zone is open for commitments.


  • How long before you're to my house? top

At the longest, it'll be five years! But, depending on what step your zone is in this timeline varies considerably. In zones where connections are taking place, you'll likely receive a call within a few months of your zone entering that step. Rest assured, we're working as quickly and efficiently as we can to get all of our members connected before our project is complete and we want to serve you just as badly as you want our service.


  • What if I can't remember my password or log in to my pre-registration account? top

If you're having problems logging into your account, please call our office at 800-668-8413 and we'll be happy to help you log in! 


  • Will I actually receive your advertised speeds? top

While many companies advertise speeds but can't guarantee that you'll receive them, with HomeWorks Connect your home will be able to access the speeds you're paying for so long as your technology is up-to-date. Older models of laptops and TVs don't have the equipment inside of them to utilize some of our higher speeds and could prevent you from being able to upload and download at the top speeds in our packages. We recommend using newer models of equipment if you'll be connecting them to the internet as well as using Ethernet cables to connect your device to our modem whenever possible in order to ensure top speeds are being reached.

In rare instances, due to overwhelming network congestion, the top speeds may be momentarily unavailable. We monitor the amount of traffic on our network and if this becomes a recurring issue we will upgrade the network to eliminate the network congestion. We thank you for being understanding as we work to build and grow our network.  



  • I saw the trucks go by, when will my house be connected? top

Unfortunately, just because a truck goes by doesn't mean we'll be to your house within days or even weeks. Oftentimes, the trucks you see are constructing our mainline fiber backbone. This backbone must first be hung from our poles. Then, other crews will go back and connect all the pieces of fiber together using splicing technology. Then, after all the pieces of mainline are connected, we are able to begin constructing drops from the mainline to houses. This whole process can take months to complete so although seeing trucks does mean we're working in your area, it doesn't guarantee that you'll be connected later this week.


  • What does being in the "design" step mean? top

When your zone is being designed, we have multiple things take place. First, the map of the zone is given to our field engineers who send crews out to decide where we can run overhead fiber and where the fiber will have to be buried. Then, we begin designing our fiber system from our substations outward and when the designs are finalized, crews come through to construct the designs. After the construction crews hang the fiber, a splicing crew goes through and connects all the pieces together. This allows light from the substations to reach homes at the end of the fibers. Without the lines being spliced, even if a home is connected it is not able to receive internet service as it cannot receive light. After all of these steps are complete, we'll open the zone up for commitment.


  • How and when do I get my contract? top

We know that it can feel like you're waiting forever to even have a contract to sign but we don't want to trap anyone in a contract before we're able to provide them with service. The goal is to be able to connect a home within a few months of the member agreement form being signed so it's important that we don't open zones up for signing before we are able to do this. Your contract will be delivered using the email address that you used when you pre-registered. Only those who are pre-registered will receive contracts so it is important to do so!



  • Once I sign my contract, how long before I am connected? top

The goal is to have a 6 to 8 week lead time from contract signing until installation but in our earlier zones, this may vary as we work out the processes required to get from contract to connection. We are appreciative of your patience as we begin building this new business. When your area is ready to be connected, members who have signed contracts will be contacted to set up times for our installers to come.


  • What if I can't sign my contract via my email? top

If you're having an issue opening or receiving our contract, give our office a call at 800-668-8413 and we'll be happy to work with you to set up another way to sign your contract. You can also visit our office to sign your contract at any time.


  • What if I signed up for the wrong package, can I change my order? top

When your contract is sent to you, your package will be confirmed. If you need your package to be changed at any time, give our office a call at 800-668-8413.



  • What steps are involved in connecting my house? top

So your zone turned blue and you're expecting a phone call any day now, but what's taking so long? When we begin connecting homes, we start on roads that have the highest percentage of houses signed up so that our installers and drop contractors can work most efficiently. Connecting your home to our HomeWorks Connect network requires a few key steps. First, after your contract is signed an engineer will begin drawing up plans for the route our fiber will take from the mainline to your home. Then, if necessary, MISS DIG will be called and you'll be notified to mark any personal underground services so that our drop crews can come dig a trench from the mainline to your home. If your electric service is overhead, we'll likely take the same route with fiber and if your electric service is underground, again we'll likely follow that route. After the drops are installed, a splice team will come and connect each end of the drop - one end to the mainline and the other end to a box on the side of your home. Then, you'll be scheduled for installation and when our installers come to your home, they will connect the box on the outside of the house to the modem inside your house.


  • What types of devices can I connect to my high-speed fiber internet? top

Your high-speed fiber internet is just like any other internet you've had but faster and more reliable! You can connect everything from laptops and cellphones to TVs, smart-home appliances, and even thermostats or other security devices. With fiber speeds, there's no limit to the type of things you can connect to the internet.


  • Can any TV be a smart TV? top

If your TV has an HDMI port, there is likely a way for it to connect to the internet. The most common way to turn a non-smart TV into a smart TV is through a device such as Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. These devices allow you to stream from programs such as Netflix or Hulu on your TV. They also often allow you to access live-streaming services such as SlingTV or HuluTV which can replace your cable package.


  • My zone is in "Connections" but I haven't been called for an install yet. Why is that? top

As mentioned above, the goal is to have each contract be connected to the internet within six to eight weeks of the signature. However, in this pilot year, the timeline is extended as we work out the processes from contract to connection. Be patient, we'll give you a call when it's your turn to be connected. If you're not sure if you signed the contract correctly or are concerned you're not on our list for install for some other reason, give our office a call at 800-668-8413. 


  • Why doesn't my internet seem as fast as advertised? top

Up until recently, devices weren't created with limitless internet speeds in mind. Often, if you're having issues with slow internet on the HomeWorks Connect's service, the problem lies within the device you're trying to connect to the internet. 


 In Service!

  • My zone is 'In Service!' but I just moved in and don't have access to HomeWorks Connect - now what? top

If you're new to a zone and missed the initial launch, give our office a call at 800-668-8413! We'll discuss options for connecting your home as well as answer any questions about our service.


  • Will my price jump after my first trial year like they do with so many other internet companies? top

At HomeWorks Connect, we don't believe in pricing games. We promise to keep prices affordable and to avoid large price jumps so that you'll never be surprised when you open up your monthly bill.


  • What if my WiFi doesn't work in all areas of my house?  top

Sometimes, for no apparent reason at all, Wifi will not extend into certain rooms or areas of your home. Many times, the signal is being disrupted by materials used in the construction of your home, but luckily there are a few easy solutions if you don't want to just live with the dead spots. We offer a Mesh Wifi Extender which you can lease for an additional $5 a month. The Mesh extenders connect to the router that is already installed in your home and work with our systems so that, like with our routers, we can help troubleshoot all the way to the individual device level. These can also be used to extend Wifi service to a pool or patio area. If you think you need an Mesh extender, please call our office at 800-668-8413.



  • How do I know if I should be a Micro-Business, a Small-Business, or just a Business Connector? top

As defined, micro-busineses have less than 6 employees, small businesses are defined differently based on industry and large business follow suit. Therefore, the names of our packages alone aren't going to decide which package you should be in. Instead, compare your current internet Mbps or Gbps to each package. This will allow you to find which offering fits you best. If you don't see a package that offers something comparable to your current internet option, give us a call at 800-668-8413 and we'll be happy to work with you to create a custom internet plan that meets all of your needs without breaking the bank.


  • What is the difference between a business plan and a residential plan? top

The difference between our business plan offerings and our residential plan offerings are only one thing: the ability to add static IP addresses. Some companies require static IP addresses, so the business plan includes one static IP address and gives the ability to add up to four more static IP address for an additional cost per IP address.


  • I run my business out of my home - which plan do I choose? top

We leave this decision up to you! If your business doesn't need a static IP address, go ahead and use the residential plan. We won't charge you more just because you're using the internet to run your business!


  • Do I have to sign up for a business plan just because I'm a business? top

Nope! We don't charge anyone more just because they're using their internet access to run a business. Instead, we only charge you more if your business needs a static IP address. Some businesses need these to operate, others have never even heard of a static IP address so we encourage you to pay for the plan that makes the most sense for you! 

  • I need a different offering than what's listed, who do I call? top


We understand that every business' internet needs are as unique as the businesses themselves so our plans won't work for everyone. If you need something different than what is offered in our standard packaged - be it more IP addresses, added phone lines, or a different Mbps offering - please reach out! We're happy to create a custom internet plan for you that meets both your needs and your budget. Our number is 800-668-8413.


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