Exede-WildBlue Email

Exede-WildBlue Email

For users of HomeWorks High-Speed Internet from Exede or WildBlue, here is the link you'll need to access your satellite provider's email service:


Please note the sign-in process has changed slightly and you will need only your username and password to log in. (Your username is the part of your email address LEFT of the @ sign.

For instance, if your username is JohnSmith@homeworksinternet.com, enter only "JohnSmith" in the username box to log in.


How to login to exede or wildblue webmail
You no longer have to type in "@homeworksinternet.com" to log in.



We recommend that you look into switching to one of the many free online email services, such as Gmail, Outlook, Mail.com, or Yahoo Mail. They allow you to bookmark them on any device; you can set up multiple users at no cost; some have more storage space than others; but ALL of them can be used with any internet provider, anywhere.

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