Automatic Bill Payment

Automatic Bill Payment

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Automatic Bill Payment (Auto-Pay)

Pay your utility bills the EASY WAY with HomeWorks’ FREE electronic payment service. It allows you to authorize your financial institution to deduct your monthly utility bill automatically from your checking or savings account.

What are some of the advantages to auto-pay?

  • No waiting in line
  • No checks to write
  • No postage required
  • No past-due bills or late fees

How much does it cost to participate?
We provide our auto-pay service to our members free of charge. Some financial institutions may charge a fee for this transaction.

How do I sign up?
Print, complete and sign the authorization form. Return it to the address indicated on the form with a voided check or bank draft from the account from which you want your payment to be made. Or, simply call us at 1-800-562-8232 (or 517-647-7554) and we'll help you complete the paperwork. You may also choose to log in to your HomeWorks account on SmartHub to sign up for the Credit Card Automatic Bill Payment Program. It works similarly to our auto-pay program, by automatically billing your credit card.

How will I know when my auto-pay enrollment has begun?
The following message will appear on your monthly statement: ACCOUNT WILL BE DRAFTED ON (YOUR DUE DATE).

How will I know the amount of my payment?
Your monthly statement will remain the same. If you have a question about the amount, call us at 1-800-562-8232 at least five days before the due date printed on the bill to resolve the matter. You may choose to receive an electronic bill, in which case you can review a PDF file of your monthly bill when you log in to SmartHub.

What if my deposit is delayed and my balance won't cover the auto-pay amount?
Your financial institution and HomeWorks will process your auto-pay transaction just as if you had a check returned for insufficient funds.

What if I change the financial institution or account from which my auto-pay payment is withdrawn?
Please notify us as soon as possible. To reinstate auto-pay from a new account or financial institution, simply submit a new authorization form with a voided check or draft from the new account.

What if I decide to cancel my participation in auto-pay?
Notify us five (5) days before the due date on your statement and we will discontinue the automatic payment.

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