9 Crucial Questions

Do you know the 9 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS
to ask your propane supplier?

If you’re a typical homeowner shopping for a propane supplier, you’ll probably call three to five propane companies and make a decision based on what sounds like the lowest price. Unfortunately, price per gallon can be a deceiving number. Many propane companies will attract new customers with a low advertised price per gallon, then surprise the customer with additional fees and hidden charges.

By asking your propane supplier the 9 crucial questions found in our FREE report, you’ll discover how much you really pay for service, and how to choose a company that will give you the best value. Our FREE report, includes:

  • The 9 crucial questions you need to ask when shopping for a propane company.
  • A worksheet for easy side-by-side comparison of each propane company you call.

This report is a free service of HomeWorks Tri-County Propane. And we’re so confident that we can provide you with the best value propane service, that we’ll even give you contact information for 12 of our competitors so you can call and compare for yourself.

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