2020 District Meeting Video Series

2020 District Meeting Video Series


Every year, we look forward to meeting with you at our district meetings. It’s a chance to conduct Co-op business, like electing directors and district officers, but also to update you on the electric co-op you own. 

Unfortunately, our in-person district meetings, scheduled for May, had to be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were very disappointed not to be able to meet with you this spring, but of course your safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority. 

We still wanted be able to share important Co-op updates with you, though, so we developed our first-ever district meeting video series. Each day during the week of June 15, a new video in the series will be posted to this page and simultaneously to our HomeWorks Facebook and Youtube pages. Watch the whole series to hear important Co-op information that we had planned to share with you at this year's district meetings.

Each video you watch will also give you the chance to win big prizes, including a 58" smart TV, HomeWorks bill credits, and more! Watch each video for more information, and then enter the drawings via the video prize form link provided. Every video has its own prizes and drawing, so each video you watch gives you more chances to win! Prize entry deadline is July 20. Good luck, and thanks for watching!


HomeWorks 2020 District Meeting Video Series: 

(Note: For videos 2a-2g, watch the video that corresponds with the HomeWorks district you live in. Prize entries for each of these videos are only open to members of that district. Not sure which district you live in? Find out here.)





Click on each video above to watch. Then, when you finish watching a video, enter the prize code you saw in the clip into that video's prize entry form for the chance to win big prizes! (Entry forms are provided below and in each video's description on our YouTube page). Each video has its own prize drawing, so every video you watch gives you additional chances to win!* 

*Note: Video #1,3,4 and 5 prize drawings are open to all HomeWorks members. Videos 2a-2g are your district director updates. There is one of these videos for each of our seven directors, and prize drawings for these videos are only open to members of that director's specific district. Watch your district's director update and then click on the accompanying entry form to enter. Not sure which district you're in? Click here to find out. 

Prizes include: 58" TVs, Apple iPads, Echo Show devices, Ring Doorbells, and $50 and $25 HomeWorks bill credits              


Prize Entry Forms:

Enter the unique prize code you see in each video into the accompanying prize entry form below to be entered to win! Each different drawing you enter will give you additional chances to win. One entry per video per member allowed. Questions? Call 517-647-1210 for assistance.

Video #1 Entry Form, Video #2a Entry Form, Video #2b Entry Form, Video #2c Entry Form, Video #2d Entry Form,

Video #2e Entry Form, Video #2f Entry Form, Video #2g Entry Form, Video #3 Entry Form, Video #4 Entry Form, Video #5 Entry Form


Helpful Documents That Accompany This Series:

Do you want to follow along with some of the information provided in this video series and learn about additional Co-op programs and offerings? Download our 2020 District Meeting Booklet! Want to review what took place at your 2019 district meeting? Download our 2019 District Meeting Minutes. Do you have questions? Call Communications Manager Charly Markwart at 517-647-1210 or email her at cmarkwart@homeworks.org.


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