Manager's Message: Our Culture of Safety

Our Culture of Safety Won’t Let Us Take Electricity For Granted

Electricity does so much for us: it provides us with lighting, heat and cooling to give us comfort; it turns motors to ease our burden; and runs all kinds of electric devices that help us be creative and provide us with entertainment.

Electricity is something many of us take for granted, until we flip that wall switch and the lights don’t come on.

HomeWorks Tri-County survey set to start May 7

Every few years we survey our Tri-County Electric Cooperative members, and Tri-County Propane customers, to learn what we're doing right and where you feel we need to work a little harder.

Members are selected randomly for the survey. If selected, you'll receive a postcard the week of May 7 asking you to participate if you're called. Calls will start the week of May 14.

If you're called upon, we thank you for participating. Your opinions help us operate the cooperative for the benefit of all our member-owners, and our Propane customers.

Manager's Message: Every Member Has A Role

In celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, it’s been interesting to see how so many things have changed outwardly, yet remained essentially the same.
Our distribution system has been expanded, upgraded and rebuilt, yet Pole #1 still stands on Kinneville Road, a working piece of the system that brings you reliable electricity.
Our Portland office building is still in the same place as it has been since the 1940s – with some facelifts and modernization and repurposing.

Teens named for Youth Leadership Summit

Congratulations to Hanna Meads of Big Rapids, Morgan Koziarz of Mt. Pleasant, Becca Kirby of Edmore, and Blake Warchuck of Six Lakes, who were selected to attend this year's Youth Leadership Summit April 18-20 at the Kettunen Center near Cadillac.

A total of 31 students will participate, representing the state's electric cooperatives from the Upper Peninsula to the Indiana border.

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